News - Zero Contrast EVAR Round Table

This is a round table discussion about CO2 during EVAR and complex EVAR in the framework of our Annual Meeting of Angiodroid in Bologna, Italy.

In this round table discussion, 5 European experts present current evidence and their experience about the use of CO2 in the treatment of aortic diseases .

Moreover, the panellists discuss all important benefits and drawbacks of the technique and present for the first time the study protocol of the prospective CO2 EVAR registry.

Thanks to all the participants, in particular:
Prof. Mauro Gargiulo – Bologna, Italy
Prof. Gianluca Faggioli – Bologna, Italy
Prof. Giovanni Torsello – Bologna, Italy
Dr. Nuno Dias – Malmo, Sweden
Prof. Theodosios Bisdas – Athens, Greece
Prof. Antonio Freyrie- Parma, Italy
Dr. Enrico Gallitto – Bologna, Italy
Dr. Chiara Mascoli – Bologna, Italy
Dr. Andrea Vacicrca – Bologna, Italy

Enjoy the video also on Vascupedia

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