CO2RT – Virtual Round Table #4 - CO2 as daily practice


This is the 4th Live Round Table about the CO2RT – CO2 Right Technique, held on May 28, 2020.
The pioneers of the Automated CO2 Angiography technique, Dr. Mariano Palena and Dr. Marco Manzi, explain how CO2 can become a daily practice and what advantages and benefits come from it.




00:02 – Automatic Carbon Dioxide Angiography (ACDA) Standard Technique (Dr. Manzi)
04:17 – Development of the ACDA Practice at Policlinico Abano Terme
06:20 – ICM Saving & CO2 Economic Benefits
09:50 – Development of the ACDA Practice at Maria Cecilia Hospital – Cotignola (Dr. Palena)
14:29 – Advantages of the ACDA Introduction
16:38 – Case presentation #1
21:00 – Case presentation #2
23:01 – Question #1 (poll): How many patients could you treat with the Complementary Approach (CO+ICM)?
23:45 – Question #2 (poll): Which is your main purpose in choosing CO2 rather than ICM for a patient with no specific clinical indications?
24:21 – Question #3 (poll): What are the key factors that allow you, in daily practice, to perform a zero-contrast procedure?
29:52 – Question #4: Have you ever used CO2 during atherectomy? Are there any contraindications?
34:28 – Question #5: Can you give us some tricks for CO2 beginners?
37:18 – Final Remarks.