Get to know our team.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. The same goes for a successful product:
here is the team of people working every day to improve Angiodroid.


“Feet on soil, mind to the sky”. Leader of the Angiodroid team since the project was born. Sebastiano is the “father” of Angiodroid: he founded the company in 2013 and from that moment he never ceased to raise his child, putting all of his effort and knowledge in building the best team.

Sebastiano Zannoli

Founder and CEO


Cheerful and team-building young biologist, Marzia is the head of the Regulatory Affairs department, which she has been handling for five years now, leading the company in the achievement of more than 30 non-EU certifications.

Marzia Tavernese

QA & RA Manager, PRRC and Management Representative


International manager with almost 25 years’ experience in the Medical Industry field, combining commercial entrepreneurial skills with strategic vision to build new markets, drive adoption, and create value in highly innovative startup/small/mid-size companies. Experienced in capital equipment negotiations as well as in disposable devices sale, capable to work in team, lead and coach direct organizations and to build and manage distributor networks. Self-motivated and highly empathic, love to travel and experience new cultures. Good listener as well as good presenter engaging audience, he's ethical and acts with integrity.

Marco Colombetti

Business Manager


Tomas is a pro in sales: he has more than 30 years of experience in different fields (textile, fashion, wellness and biomedical). He believes in the importance of team building, in motivating his colleagues and in the values of humanity and correctness. Of his experience with Angiodroid, started since day #1 in 2013, Tomas says: “My first aim has always been to discover the talent of young people, supporting them during their growth”.

Tomas Bilardo

Global Sales Manager


“Make It Happen!” is Lorenzo’s mission and motto. Scientific background, great commitment and a never-ending passion for challenges are his pillars.

Lorenzo Casadei

Marketing & Business Development Manager


Graduated in Political Science and International Relations, with a Master Degree in Export Management, Beatrice is the head of the Import/Export department. She’s extremely organized and strongly oriented to problem-solving; at the same time Beatrice is always available and collaborative, ready to support the company whenever needed.

Beatrice Togni

I/E & Logistics manager


Graduated in Biomedical Engineering, Enrico is one of the pillars of Angiodroid, being the one who developed the project of the injector. Moreover, he also realized the project “Angiopulse” and performed the installation of the software OneView in various countries’ OR.

Enrico Altini

R&D and Technical Director


Graduated in Biomedical Engineering, Luca is an extremely cheerful and optimistic person, capable of bringing good humor in every situation. Being also the Sales Area Manager in the Iberic and Latin American countries, he has a wider understanding of what happens when a medical device is put on the market. He thinks there’s no end to learning and likes to apply this principle to his job: while working with the other Specialists he does everything he can to improve Angiodroid both as a product and as a daily clinical practice.

Luca Monti

Clinical Development Manager