Adverse Events Report

This section is dedicated to reporting adverse events related to our medical devices. The safety and effectiveness of our devices are our top priorities, and we are committed to ensuring maximum transparency and collaboration with our customers, users, and regulatory authorities.

If you have experienced a side effect not listed in the user manual of the device Angiodroid The CO2 Injector, please report it to us as soon as possible by completing the following form.

This allows us to analyze side effects for which the risk-benefit ratio has not already been evaluated by the manufacturer and the Notified Body that issued the CE mark for our devices. It also allows us to become aware of side effects that may occur in unforeseen circumstances, so that we can assess the introduction of risk mitigation measures.

Your report is crucial for our continuous improvement and for ensuring the safety of patients and users of our products. All information provided will be treated confidentially and used exclusively for safety assessment and regulatory compliance purposes.

Please complete the form as soon as possible and send it to the email address

Thank you for your contribution. For further questions or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated medical device vigilance team at the email address or by phone at +39 051 0261383.

Quality & Assurance:

in Angiodroid you can trust

Angiodroid has obtained along its journey lots of certifications proving its absolute quality, and it is really just the beginning.

The device is already present on the market in 55 countries and Angiodroid spots the European mark CE 1936, complies with the certification ISO 13485 and has also obtained more than 30 non-european certifications.