Angiodroid: the Company

Angiodroid Spa is a medical technology company with core expertise in:

  •  Vascular Surgery
  •  Interventional Radiology
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Interventional Angiology

Innovation, Passion and Quality are our Core Values, and we pursue this aim every day

Contrast Induced Nephropathy has come to be the third cause leading to renal failure worldwide and this sometimes causes the lack of diagnosis in patients who risk this pathology.
This is why at Angiodroid we are committed to create new solutions for healthcare through combining our clinical and engineering expertise with human insights to develop innovations that can improve the quality of people’s lives. Our patented and CE marked exclusive automatic injection system for carbon dioxide angiography was specifically created for this purpose.

Angiodroid’s Secret:

Harmony And Companionship

Angiodroid is a young, innovative and modern organized Company. A solid Company Structure allows us to use our key competences and expertise in the best way. 
We enjoy being a Team, and each project is handled in synergy between R&D, Technical  and Sales Department. We love to take care of our customers from the beginning of our relationship until the satisfaction of their needs. As a matter of fact, they are not simple customers to us, but we call them Partners.

Team Organization

At Angiodroid, each one of us puts their know-how at disposal to accomplish as many objectives as possible, and in order to achieve every goal, there are different departments with different tasks.

Sales Department

Articulated Department, where domestic market and exports are engaged in creating Culture and Business inside a full-grown market. Moreover, we are proud of saying we are always available to fully support our Partners.

Marketing Department

Passionate, efficient and expert people focused on Innovative Strategies and market oriented.

Clinical Development Department

Our Application Team constantly supports and assists medical staff in the OR, offering their expertises to doctors during diagnostic and interventional procedures, but also takes care of technical maintenance and upgrade processes.

R&D Department

Our biomedical engineers are always available to support customers in developing new clinical studies using our Innovative Technologies, even if in combination with products of different Companies.

QA & RA Department

Young and dynamic, it is perfectly market oriented, and structured to offer quick answers and tested custom solutions.

I/E & Logistics Department

Together with the most reliable Logistic Players, we take care of our Products.

Not only until destination.