Look At The Future Of IABP Weaning Technology


100% Safe


100% Reliable


100% Accurate


Innovation Lies In Simplicity

ANGIOPULSE is the new consolle for counterpulsation weaning process.
A new concept for IABP assistance is now available: simple guide the patient to a complete recovery condition with extremely accurate settings patient-defined and no needs of signals synchronization.
Incredibly light, easy to carry, equipped with wireless controller and touchscreen monitor: all this and much more in a dynamic console with exceptional performances.
ANGIOPULSE  comes from the Italian counterpulsation experience combined with the cutting-edge technology of Angiodroid SpA and with the easy-of-use demand of an effective assistance, even in the most complex patients.

Simple, For The Patient

  • No needs of signal synchronization:  let the patient guides the assistance with its heart rate and variability
  • Extremely silent, for a quiet bedside assistance

Simple, Together With The Innovation

  • Touch-screen monitor with all controls and guidance to start the assistance
  • Plug and Play technology: connect balloon, set and start the assistance with 1 button
  • Zoom in and out with knobs during the assistance to have a deeper look of the pressure waveform
  • Three leds give quickly an overview on the console status

Simple, Improving The Assistance With Remote Control

ANGIOPULSE remote control gives the opportunity to stay far away from the console and manage the assistance: operators can focus on patient.

Always Under Control

  • ANGIOPULSE keeps the assistance monitored costantly
  • The main risk conditions are controlled each millisecond
  • Survelliance works even when assistance is not running

Simple, Nevermind The Balloon

ANGIOPULSE connects easily with the majority of the balloons on the market. Switch from traditional assistance to ANGIOPULSE moving only the connection of the balloon to the console.

Simple, Even In The Maintenance

ANGIOPULSE does not require a heavy maintenance, just the programmed intervention to check the consolle efficiency.



Performance and Safety Data Sheet