Welcome To The ACDA Academy: A Chance For Education & Training

The ACDA Academy is a growing and varied community: it involves not only cardiologists, radiologists and vascular surgeons, but also scholars, professors and experts in the field of angiography and radiological imaging.

This community was established to pursue three goals:

  • disseminate and improve the culture of Automated Carbon Dioxide Angiography and raise public awareness about this innovative methodology
  • strengthen and consolidate the collaboration between top level centers around the globe that can boast an advanced experience on this injection technique, thanks to a constant exchange of knowledge and opinions
  • support projects of clinical investigation all over the world through a scientific advisory board.



ACDA Academy. Come, Discover And Share The CO₂ Automated Angiography Culture


In order to achieve these aims, the academy plans information campaigns held in the departments of nephrology, urology, dialysis and dermatology: during these campaigns educational training sessions are organized about the advantages of performing angiographic procedures with an automatic CO₂ injector
Furthermore, the academy uses in its continuing education program articles, conferences, live case streaming and more, that can all be found in the pages of this website.
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Discover The CO₂ Automated Angiography

If you want to know more about this life-changing technique,


Academy Centers And Doctors



Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Ourense
(Ourense, Spain):
Dr. Gracia Rodriguez Feijoo, Angiologist and Vascular Surgeon

Hospital website

Policlinico Sant’Orsola
(Bologna, Italy):
Prof. Dr. Mauro Gargiulo, Vascular Surgeon and full Professor in the same field

Hospital website

Ospedale San Carlo Borromeo
(Milan, Italy):
Dr. Roberto Ferraresi, Interventional Cardiologist specialized into endovascular treatment of CLI patients

Hospital website

Policlinico Abano Terme
(Abano Terme, Italy)
Dr. Luis Mariano Palena, Interventional Vascular Radiologist specialized in endovascular treatment of CLI patients

Hospital website

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