Excellence and Legality


Ethical Code

Our commitment to Legality and Accountability

Consistent Values

Angiodroid's Ethical Code represents the fundamental pillar of the company culture, outlining the guiding principles that steer the actions and decisions of every team member. Based on values of integrity, transparency, and social responsibility, the Ethical Code translates into concrete actions through compliance with laws, ethical treatment of employees, customers, and business partners, as well as environmental protection. By adhering to these guidelines, Angiodroid commits to maintaining high standards of ethical behavior and promoting a corporate culture grounded in honesty and fairness in all its activities.


Legal Compliance and Corporate Ethics through Model 231

Model 231 is a corporate governance tool introduced in Italy with the aim of preventing the commission of crimes by corporate bodies, employees, and collaborators of a company. It consists of a set of rules, procedures, and controls aimed at identifying and managing the risks of crimes that may be committed within the scope of the company's activities.

Angiodroid has adopted Model 231 as part of its commitment to transparency, integrity, and legal compliance. Through the implementation of this model, the company aims to reduce the risk of illicit behavior, protect its reputation, and ensure an ethical and responsible work environment. Furthermore, the adoption of Model 231 highlights Angiodroid's attention to compliance with current regulations and its commitment to creating a corporate culture based on the principles of ethics and legality.

*Please note: this is not a legal translation, but a freehand one, as the official and Board-approved document is the Italian version.


Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching...

C.S. Lewis