CO2RT – Virtual Round Table #2 - Extreme BTA & BTK Procedures


This is the second Live Round Table about the CO2RT – CO2 Right Technique, the First Virtual Live Round Table held on May 7, 2020.
Dr. Mariano Palena and Prof. Bruno Freitas will lead an exclusive state-of-the-art discussion on Automated and Safe CO2 Angiography in endovascular interventions.


Round Table Chapter


00:24 – Welcome
01:26 – Definition and incidence of Contrast-Induced Renal Impairment (CIRI)
04:47 – CIRI and the risk of using ICM
05:19 – CIRI and right techniques: CO2 angiography
06:48 – Advantages of Automated Carbon Dioxide Angiography (ACDA)
07:11 – Indications and advantages of CO2 over ICM
11:06 – Imaging with Angiodroid The CO2 Injector
15:48 – Optimizing CO2 images
17:02 – Why consider CO2 angiography?
19:36 – Question #1: How often did you see side effects with CO2?
23:00 – Question #2: Which CO2 software package is optimal for CO2 angio?
24:46 – Question #3 (poll): Do you use any specific patient set-up during the CO2 angiography for BTK investigation?
26:43 – Question #4: Which anesthesia do you usually perform?
28:10 – Question #5: In aortic procedures, do you prefer to inject into the visceral vessels super selectively or from the aorta?
30:03 – Question #6: How much are reduced the costs of the department since increasing the CO2 use?
30:33 – Question #7: Do you use CO2 in all diabetic patients, including those without renal insufficiency?
31:16 – Case presentation (Dr. Palena): CO2 diagnostic evaluation
34:08 – Post processing techniques for CO2 imaging
35:13 – Intervention and final results
37:57 – Take home message
39:00 – Question #8: Did you have any issue with CO2 injection in COPD patients?
40:13 – Question #9: Which pressure and volume do you suggest with Angiodroid in lower limbs procedures? When do you elevate the leg?
41:36 – Question #10: How can we pack angiographic images in a Siemens device?
42:31 – Question #11 (poll): When do you recommend the use of CO2 in angiographic procedures?
44:02 – Question #12: Why are you more liberal in the use of CO2?
44:52 – Final remarks.