News - Zero Contrast Atherectomy

Recorded Live Case

Just few months ago, Dr. Antonio Micari performed one of the first “Zero-Contrast” procedures of directional atherectomy thanks to the Automated Carbon Dioxide Angiography technology.
The use of ANGIODROID allows the best use of the properties of carbon dioxide: it is not necessary to remove the atherectomy system during the procedure to check the vessel status, as thanks to its low viscosity, CO2 can easily be delivered within the device.

Enjoy the recorded case!

Want to learn more?

See the first Virtual Live Round Table of Vascupediaabout the Zero Contrast Atherectomy.

This is the first VRTD (Vascular Round Table Discussion) of Vascupedia, where 3 specialists discuss all relevant clinical and technical issues about CO2-angiography, directional atherectomy and antirestenotic therapy (DAART) in a young claudicant with a calcified SFA lesion. The specialists highlight relevant aspects of decision making, provide a new technical trick for using CO2 during DAART and demonstrate all steps for a safe DAART.

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