CO2 as you have never seen it... at CIRSE 2023


Innovating Vascular Health: Angiodroid's take about CIRSE Annual Congress

This year's edition of CIRSE Annual Congress has come to an end and it was an incredible experience filled with knowledge sharing, innovation, and networking.

As always it was enlightening!
Apart from the possibility of seeing old friends again, we had the opportunity to introduce Angiodroid The CO2 Injector to many young residents, extremely curious to know how it works and inclined to understand how automated carbon dioxide angiography can be applied in interventional radiology.

It was then stimulating to compare ourselves with great experts in the cardiovascular sector and find solutions together with them, think about new possible fields of application of CO2, exchange tips and tricks on how to improve and implement its use in the arterial and venous districts.



Dr Arun Kumarasamy, a specialist in the application of Carbon Dioxide in atherectomy, helped us a lot during the last few days. It is with great satisfaction that we thank him for being the speaker of our first Meet the Specialist session and for sharing meaningful insights of its daily clinical practice with anyone who would stop by.

We also thank heartfully anyone who took interest in us, visiting our booth, attending to Dr. Kumarasamy's speeches, or just listening to our words.

Last but not least, we cannot help but be extremely grateful for all our partners, who as always showed great support while participating in this event.

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Always remember:

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