News - Interview about Automated CO2 Angiography in India

New interview released about Automated CO2 Angiography technology in India – PGIMER Chandigarh

Prof. M.S Sandhu from PGIMER Chandigarh #Radiology Department – India.

recently gave an interview in which he illustrated the peculiarities of automatic CO2 angiography.  In this interview, Prof. Sandhu remarked the Angiodroid technology. Here is a brief excerpt:

“A recently developed injector with a very novel method to map these vessels is to use carbon dioxide as a contrast agent which is safe in these patients especially in Body procedures. This technique has been endorsed by various medical and surgical societies like the European society of vascular surgery which promotes it in appropriate groups of patients. Carbon dioxide has the unique properties of lack of renal and liver toxicity, good solubility (leading to quick dissolution in blood stream), good patient tolerance limits and safe lung expulsion. However, it requires very sophisticated injector devices which can deliver a constant, safe and controlled injection of the carbon dioxide gas. PGIMER has acquired this very specialised equipment which will be a boon for all patients of kidney disease, diabetes and contrast allergies, who normally suffer delay in angiographic procedures like angioplasties and stenting due to risk of iodinated contrast toxicity. This Angiodroid CO2 injector is, again, the first of its kind in the country and will help tremendously in treatment of various diseases by angiographic means in these patients

Read the full article here

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