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Title: Endovascular Treatment Of A Severe Calcified Popliteal Artery Lesion By Endovascular Lithoplasty And Drug-Coated Balloon Angioplasty In A Patient With Critical Limb Ischemia And Chronic Kidney Disease  Author(s): Konstantinos ...
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ACDA Type II Endoleaks Detection

Title: The Assessment of Carbon Dioxide Automated Angiography in Type II Endoleaks Detection: Comparison with Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound  Author(s): Chiara Mascoli , Gianluca Faggioli , Enrico Gallitto, Vincenzo Vento, Giuseppe Indelicato, Rodolfo Pini, Andrea ...
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Standardization of a ACDA for EVAR

Title: Standardization of a Carbon Dioxide Automated System for Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair  Author(s): Chiara Mascoli, Gianluca Faggioli, Enrico Gallitto, Vincenzo Vento, Rodolfo Pini, Andrea Vacirca, Giuseppe Indelicato, Mauro Gargiulo, and Andrea Stella.Vascular ...
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Contrast-Zero TAVI

Title: Contrast-Zero Transcatheter Aortic ValveReplacement for Patients With Severe Renal Dysfunction  Author(s): Fausto Castriota, Roberto Nerla, Antonio Micari, Angelo Squeri, Alberto Cremonesi, *Interventional Cardiovascular UnitGVMCare&Research, Maria Cecilia Hospital, Via Corriera 1, 48033 Cotignola, Ravenna, Italy Issue Number: JACC: Cardiovascular ...
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CO2 Angiography in Diabetic Critical Limb Ischemia Patients

Title: CO2 Angiography in Diabetic Critical Limb Ischemia Patients Authors:  Marco Manzi, Luis Mariano Palena Issue Number:  European Heart Journal Supplements (2015) 17 (Supplement A), A18–A22 Introduction The use of digital subtraction ...
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New imaging modalities in peripheral interventions

Title: New imaging modalities in peripheral interventions Authors:  Antonio Micari1, Paolo Sbarzaglia, M.D.M.E. Meeks, Armando Liso, Marco Riina, Maria Letizia Lunetto, Giuseppe Roscitano, and Giuseppe Vadalà Issue Number:  European Heart ...
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Mechanical Aspects of CO2 Angiograpjhy

Title: Mechanical aspects of CO2 Angiography  Authors: Ivan Corazza, Pier Luca Rossi, Giacomo Feliciani, Luca Pisani, Sebastiano Zannoli, Romano Zannoli Issue Number: European Journal of Medical Physic, Published Online: December ...
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CO2 DSA – Vascular Desease Management

Title: Carbon Dioxide Digital Subtraction Angiography (CO2 DSA): A Comprehensive User Guide for All Operators Author(s):  James G. Caridi, MD, FSIR1; Kyung J. Cho, MD2; Christian Fauria, MD, MSW, MPH1; Navid ...
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Peripheral procedures with automated injection system

Title: Peripheral diagnostic and interventional procedures using an automated injection system for carbon dioxide (CO2): case series and learning curve  Author(s): A. Giordano1 , S. Messina1 , M. Polimeno1 , ...
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Automated CO2 Angiography – J.I.C.

Title: Automated Carbon Dioxide Digital Angiography for Lower-Limb Arterial Disease Evaluation: Safety Assessment and Comparison With Standard Iodinated Contrast Media Angiography Authors:  Filippo Scalise, MD1;  Eugenio Novelli, PhD2;  Carla Auguadro, ...
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